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t takes a special combination of passion and knowledge to create a solution that is both powerful and cost effective for Eye Banks.

We understand there are a lot of moving parts in Eye Banking. On top of that, there are strict standards and regulations that must be maintained. Our founders and staff have a background in the industry and the knowledge to deliver you the best product.

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Caleb Anderson
Caleb AndersonFounder/CEO
Highly experienced in the industry, Caleb has worked for some of the top companies including Lion’s Eye, LifeNet Health, and Vivex Biologics. Caleb saw a lot of potential improvement that could make the transplant field better and founded EZTransplant. Caleb is certified by the AATB and the EBAA
Mark Robinson
Mark RobinsonFounder/CTO
Top performer in building applications, Mark is the architecture lead of the EZTransplant platform. Mark started programming at a young age, and has built out many large scale web platforms. Mark saw the current similar products and immediately wanted to make improvements with a better program.
Dirk Anderson
Dirk AndersonChief Data Officer
Dirk has spent over 30 years helping companies design and build data strategies. He oversees EZTransplant’s strategies to collect, transform, store, and protect data. He has worked with many leading companies on data initiatives, including Mayo Clinic, Advent Health, Bank of America, Office Depot, Travelocity, and AT&T.

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