History in Transplant

Giving back is our mission for a very special reason

Our Personal Story

In 1948, Jean Anderson had just finished the 9th grade when she was infected with tuberculosis. Back in a time before antibiotics, there was no way to easily control the spread. The sickness slowly ate away at Jean’s bones and spine until she was bedridden. Her condition quickly got worse until a life saving transplant surgery was performed.

Jean Hospital
jean during

The Healing

Because of the generous gift of an organ donor, Jean was able to receive bone grafts to replace damaged parts of her spine. Without this gift, Jean would not have been able to walk again and could have easily died from the continued spread of TB. In 1949, Jean won the fight against tuberculosis and continued to improve until she was released from Biggs Memorial Hospital. Jean quickly caught up and finished school to become a licensed child psychologist. With this degree, she was able to help many children overcome emotional and physical trauma.

Jean’s Continued Legacy

Today, Jean is in her 80’s, but her children and grandchildren continue her legacy. Jean always wanted to give back for the life saving transplant she received. To continue her legacy, her family has founded EZTransplant to help the transplant industry heal and save more people. Because transplant is so important to us, we went the extra mile to make sure our program is easy to use, cost effective, and stable.

jean with family

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